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Low Costs, High ROI: Lead Generation Strategies For Business Setup In Dubai

As you know Dubai is a busy place for businesses,

with lots of people trying to get noticed.

In a market full of competition, we decided to do things differently.

Instead of promoting our client's business setup services where everyone else was,

We chose to go outside the UAE and reach people in other countries.

And guess what?

It worked really well!

Our client got a lot more than they invested (ROI),

and it cost us very little to get each potential customer (lead cost was just 0.80 fils).

Let me tell you the big secret to our success?

It's the special offer we gave to people who wanted to set up a business in Dubai.

I'm not saying that we're experts in running ads,

But we know how to reach to the target audience and know their interest to generate the leads.

Our decisions are based on data and facts, smart strategies, what makes our client special, and what others are doing.

You can see the below screenshot of ads manager.

We chose to tell people outside of the UAE about our client's business setup services.

It was like opening a door to the whole world and saying, "Hey, Dubai has great opportunities for you!"

Our decision wasn't just about reaching a lot of people;

It was about finding the right people — those who would really like what Dubai offers for starting a business. Our plan worked!

Our client didn't just get back the money they spent;

they got even more.

And guess what?

It didn't cost much at all to get each person interested (just 0.80 fils).

We're not just lucky;

we're experts at getting leads.

We spent a lot of time figuring out smart strategies,

understanding what makes our client's business special,

and looking at what other businesses are doing.

These smart decisions are what made our plan work so well.

Our journey from a busy local market to success around the world teaches an important lesson.

By thinking differently and reaching out to people globally,

we didn't just get good results — we got amazing results!

We proved that a good idea, a special offer, and smart decisions can make a big impact. That's for today! Cheers!

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