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Golden Rule Of Digital Marketing

Maybe many of you’re thinking,

That I’ll tell you about some pillars of digital marketing,

I.e content, communication, community, etc.

Well, No!

What I’ll tell you about what I’ve experienced in this field of digital marketing.

Since I’ve done a lot of work for my clients & startups.

I’ll share What I feel.

The golden rules for digital marketing.

Okay, let me give you a quick answer.

This rule is for generating more & more sales.

Now if you’re thinking about Ads, SEO, etc

These can be the entry pass generating sales.

Okay! Let me ask you one question.

What do you think?

Which is an important part of the sales funnels?




Different people may have different opinions.

I knew.

Some are thinking about awareness as an important part,

Or it may be interesting.

But let me tell you the truth!

Important is Decision!


Because in this stage your customer is nearly to convert.


Let's suppose that you’ve got a store.

It may be online or offline.

You’ve run a marketing campaign.

And for assumption approx 1000 people leads visiting your store in a day.

Now! In the worst scenario,

10 person is purchasing your product.

This means you’re getting a 1% conversion.

Cost per lead assumes that rupee 30/-

Total spend in marketing budget 30000/-

You’re spending about 30/- rupees for visiting one person in your store.

Now, What golden rule says?

If you’ll focus on the Decision part then this conversion of 1% can increase to 2%.

Suppose you’ve acquired this.

Now, how many leads do you want?

Only 500 leads.

Now the conversion is 2%.

The cost per lead is the same rupee 30/-

Total sales = 10 (same as above).

But, the marketing budget will be changed.

Doing some maths.

Multiplying 30*500 = 15,000/-

Totally half the budget that we’ve assumed above.

And think about what will happen when you’re able to increase it to 5%- 10%.

You’ll definitely hack the sales.

Now, the point is how to increase this conversion percentage.

Don’t worry! I’ll tell you,

There are many methods to increase the conversion ratio.

One of the important is email marketing,

But it also depends on some factors.

This means in India there are low opening rates of mail in comparison to the USA.

In our country, there is about a 90% opening rate of WhatsApp messages.

And only about 10% of mail opening rates.

So, what I preferred the most is Remarketing.

The most important & worthful for increasing conversion rates.

It may be through retargeting ads,

Tele calling,

Text Messaging,

or Whatever you like you can proceed with.

It gives the actual conversion.

Hope you got my point.

If you’ve any doubts comment below.


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Oasis India
Oasis India
13 dic 2022

Informative sales rule

Me gusta
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